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What do nuns and street culture have in common? -Why should you be interested in the user

Throughout my life, I have encountered a lot of different reference groups, people and personalities. I can say that I love and appreciate all these experiences. Bad ones too, because they’ve taught me a lot. I know when to invest in and what not to do. What hurts or ruins relationships. I also know what develops or deepens a relationship.

As a little girl, I used to chat through the fence to the nuns who lived next door. I followed their moments of singing and eavesdropped on prayer moments. The encounters led to a relationship where I got to taste their strawberry sorbet, fig pastries and bread. All especially good. I learned that they have secret recipes with which they have been preparing these delicacies for decades or even centuries. By talking, listening and watching, I learned about their culture and values. I learned how not to act and how to show them appreciation.

As a slightly older girl, I got to know street culture. Skateboarders, painters and musicians. An incredibly fascinating world too. The people of this culture have a huge amount of perseverance, creativity, fire, dedication, competence and uniqueness. Many of these characteristics are the same as nuns, yet their manifestation is completely different. When I got to know this culture, I did the same thing I did with the nuns. I listened, chatted and followed. I learned much new. 

Their passion gave birth to phenomena, fashion, sports, events, relationships and incredible art. if the characteristics with the nuns were often the same, this group valued a completely different encounter and interaction. The comparison is harsh, but purpose of the parable is in the story.

Facts of the story:

All users of the brand should be interested in. Truly. You have to know them as genuine people with feelings and experiences in order to be able to meet and serve them correctly.

To create meaning and the right value. Users should be listened to, chatted with and followed. Rather than gender, place of residence and age, you should know and understand what they value, what they like, what they dislike, the rhythm of their life and ways of working.

It is more difficult to offer the right outfit to a 34-year-old man from Espoo than to the active Sam, who enjoys skateboarding and invests in his leisure time. It is therefore essential to truly know the users and serve them correctly. You can get to know the users yourself through your own channels, using your own means of getting to know them. Which suits you best. Record all lessons learned and observations, analyze the results, draw conclusions and finally draw up an action plan.

Alternatively, we will be happy to help you. For us, this familiarization work is everyday. We can produce data quickly and efficiently. We have our own toolkit full of effective familiarization tools that we have collected, refined and found useful over the years.

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