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Valuable user experiences

We study, analyse, design, develop, test and roll out

Your brand is just as valuable as it is valued by the end user.
We design the user experiences of your brand understandable and fascinating. Valuable to the user. The value of experience design lies in increasing the result as well as loyalty.

We design

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We tailor your digital user experience to be valuable. Whether it’s a simple website or a versatile application. Develop loyalty and results by improving first impressions, ease of doing business and inspire to user take action.

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Guidance is a navigation system for a space and / or environment. A good guidance concept is almost self-evident. It doesn’t need to be searched or interpreted and guides you to your destination easily.

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A successful brand experience creates a sense of togetherness. It must be recognizable, harmonious and logical. Let’s make your brand experience special. Emotional, easy to understand and helpful. 

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Space & store

The space or store experience of the present time is rich, dear and distinctive and experiential. We create great user experiences based on user data, brand identity and a well-designed service path. 

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Brand experience

A valuable update. Still valid.

We did re-branding and service update for Mega main brand. We renewed the logo, look, style of images to use and way to speak and communicate to the user. Also the sub brands were built under the main brand.

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Digi Experience

Creating value for association

Itä-Uudenmaan Yrittäjänaiset ry is connecting women entrepreneurs mainly from Itä-Uusimaa part of Finland. Members are women of all ages and from many different professional branches. In this project we created a new website for Itä-Uudenmaan Yrittäjänaiset ry.

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About us

From the beginning, Kokokuva has lived and breathed user experiences, something that ties up every project we work with. The core of all our work is human encounter with humanity and value at every meeting point. Kokokuva has created value for small and large businesses. Carried out small and large projects. For the private and public sectors. Locally and globally. Commercial and non-commercial. All equally important, each equally inspiring. We have learned a lot and created solutions that really help and bring value to the user and brand. That is why we say that we create valuable experiences

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