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The experience that makes a brand valuable -value of the experience

I picture a hand holding jewelry

My most recent positive experience is related to “The Label is Juicy” jewelry brand.

I got to know the brand through the partner company Vimma (which, by the way, is absolutely insane local female strength and know-how). 

I saw the products in their store for the first time. On the side on a small platform. As a meticulous treasure hunter, I spotted the rings right away. I didn’t buy immediately, because there wasn’t enough information about the products for a buyer like me, to make a purchase decision, but the idea remained smoldering. For the entire summer vacation. I called Vimma and asked more about the products. After the call, I still didn’t really know the brand. The next time I saw the rings was at the artist Chisu’s concert. As a meticulous follower of the details of the environment, I put notice on the rings right away. The rings looked amazing. 

I set out to find out about the brand via internet and social media. At first it was hard to find the name. The search required some work. Finally I found the right pages.

The look, essence and brand story felt just right. The scope of the selection was a positive surprise. This digital experience was crucial. I fell in love with more products when they were presented in the right context. The deal was sealed by a conversation with the brand owner. My questions and wishes were answered by just the right guy. He understood my wishes and needs and arranged for me to fit the products. In this service, my expectations were exceeded and I ended up buying several products. I had a good feeling. About the jewelry and the person I met. I can feel pride in this persons skills and creativity. So the brand feels like one’s own. It created an emotional bond. That’s why I warmly recommend this young brand called “The Lable is Juicy” to you.

The facts of this story are as follows:

1. people make all their purchasing decisions with emotion. Even if you explain these with reason.

That’s why it’s worth investing in feeling.

2. a positive experience breeds loyalty, while a negative one requires at least ten positive experiences to return to square one. That’s why you should recognize both in your own activities and strive to develop them. We all make mistakes, damages or carelessness that can create negative experiences. That’s why it’s good to follow the service path carefully and listen to users.

3. it is worth carefully plan the entire service path and the different contact points on it. Insufficient information or a lack of emotional connection may act as an obstacle to sales. 

4. One high-quality or several small positive experiences are likely to generate referrals that lead to a sale with a 75% probability.

If you need service path analysis, help for contact point planning, service branding or tools to create an emotional bond, remember us. Let’s customize a suitable package for you, which creates value for the user as well as for your brand and products.

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