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The recommender that changed values -Importance of recommendation

I am a social person at heart. Like most of us. Raised in Sicily, I love interactions, opinions, encounters, hugs, joy, laughter and stories. I have a wide network of people around me, so I also gained a lot of knowledge and know-how.

Almost all my friends and most of my reference group know that perhaps my biggest weakness is ice cream. I love good flavors made with piete and I hunt for new taste experiences, especially in the summer. Consequently, I am often tipped about delicious ice cream experiences. From tastes or special places.

Many may act as so-called as messengers, even though they have not tasted or experienced the brand themselves. They give me tips via hearsay or social media.

As a rule, I go to test every recommendation. I often also thank you for the recommendation in the form of an experience friend. The last one like this was Sjundby Ice Cream. When I finally (after three misdirections of the navigator, calling and difficult navigation) found the cafe, I tasted four different flavors. The product is overall good. Especially lingonberry ice cream. The place is hidden and charmingly small. Fortunately, many grocery stores and cafes have included this product in their selections

There are many taste hunters like me. Some are hunting for the perfect pizza, others for burgers, salads or coffee. However, several of us are open to all of these. If we talk about something, we go there. We are ready to go to the trouble, book an appointment months in advance, or even wait in line for an hour long. 

To name a few existing phenomena: JJS BBQ, YLP, Bardot, BasBas… 

In addition to taste hunters, many of us also are brand dreamers. We search, monitor, analyze, talk, persuade a partner and plan to acquire a certain product, service or experience. We dream. We can already imagine its existence in our lives long before the first encounter. 

In this process, user ratings and comments from friends are very important. Such a process often happens with, for example, a sofa, a car or an international artist. The process may be long and full of steps, but as a rule we succeed in it.

Facts of the story:

It is therefore important to note that the user may not always or immediately buy. But he can be even more valuable as an active liker and or recommender.

In turn, a loyal user can use the product or service for many years, at the same time follow your brand on social media and only then come to shop. Between two purchases, person might tell friends and acquaintances about your brand.

Research has shown that recommendation leads to a purchase with a 75% probability. If your user has recommended your brand to ten friends, there is a high probability that you will get a good 7 new users. Thus, a loyal and recommending user is more valuable than a mere buyer or customer.

Have you already defined what you are particularly good at? One carefully chosen experience along the service path should be filed as so personal or particularly good that it evokes a strong emotional experience. This experience generates referrals. You can strategically choose the right experience yourself. To plan it carefully to serve the user and how it generates referrals. Define metrics, tracking and follow-up plans. If you need help in defining or creating an emotional experience that raises referrals, we will be happy to advise, spar and tailor one for you. If you wish, we can do all the work for you and present a ready solution.

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