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Well what or who is the user?! -How the customer became a user

When I wake up in the morning, I open Facebook like millions of people. I look at the stories first. I meet friends and brands I follow. One of these is Vimma. A Finnish fashion brand. Next, I freshen up and get ready for the day at the office. One of my important routines is choosing the right look for the day. It is often defined by meetings, encounters, my personality and feeling. Having grown up in Sicily, I feel that dressing is about respecting fellow humans, separating leisure from everyday life and celebrating the holidays, ergo everyday luxury. Dressing up is also about taking care of yourself. A great help for this is Vimma, which makes fashion to fit many bodies and styles. With your own touch. That’s why I can easily slip into one of their outfits.

Vimma has designed its products so well that it is nice and comfortable to wear them. The materials are of high quality, durable, skin-friendly and comfortable. The design is suitable for different situations. So I find the products easy to use. 

During the day, someone might compliment my outfit and ask where I got the product. Similarly, a colleague might be in pain when they need new office clothes. At this point, it’s easy for me to talk about the brand and my own experiences. So recommend.

When my wardrobe lacks, I click myself on Vimma’s pages. I might also stop by the store as well. Soon I’ll be carrying the flashy orange bag home from the store, where my use of the brand will start all over again in the morning.

So I’m a brand user. I follow, analyze, fall in love, dress, surf, talk, visit, buy, transport, open the brand piece by piece.

Facts related to the story:

A brand is a product, brand, company, person or something similar. A brand only really exists when someone sees, experiences, buys, likes, follows and or recommends the brand. That is, use the brand. Today we talk about users, not customers. 

The user does much more than just buy. Everything else is just as important as buying. Mastering everything else leads to buying.

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